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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 15, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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♪ in the news this sunday morning, august 15th, san francisco police are searching for a gunman who shot three people in the mission district last night. and fire investigators are looking into a suspicious fire in san francisco that left more than 40 people homeless. >> good morning. cloud cover is back. mist and drizzle. the temperatures? i'll let you know coming. >> thank you, lisa. good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. san francisco's gang task force is investigating a triple shooting that occurred late last night in the mission district. police found three victims near the intersection of mission and 17th streets just before 10:30. one was rushed to a hospital with life-threatening chest
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wounds. the other two were shot in the leg. the shooter was last seen running east on 17th street. police have not released a description. dozens of people are homeless after a suspicious fire in the mission district destroyed a three-story house and damaged a building next-door. this is what it looked like around 6:15 last night just minutes after the fire department was first called. two firefighters were slightly injured. witnesses tell us it was deliberately set. and abc 7's leslie brinkley reports investigators also call it suspicious. >> the fire started in this house on rondell, a small alley off 16th street at mission. more than ten engines responded as crews swarmed the house and storm fronts to keep the blaze from spreading. >> we've evacuated every building. pg&e shut down all the gas to the buildings. we did have some live wires in the alley about pg&e, making
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sure the wires were turned off in the back. >> the fire paralyzed business and restaurant traffic along valencia and onlookers lined the block and rooftop. >> i saw the fire and called the fire department. >> chad lives in the basement of the house where the fire started. he said he saw a mattress was on fire and all the burners on a gas stove were turned on. >> there's a lot of books in the house so -- you know, it went up quick. >> what you saw was a bed on fire? >> yeah. >> and your suspicious was what? >> i believe somebody set the fire on purpose. >> he claims a tenant was evicted yesterday. others who live in the house were panicked. >> neighbors who live downstairs called me when i was at the cafe and told me my house was on fire. i came home. got my dog out. i've got tons of stuff in there, amplifiers, guitars, computers. >> within an hour firefighters had it under control but there were injuries. >> we had two firefighters hurt.
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one had problems, we think it's exhaustion and the second, a laceration. they were both transported, minor injuries and they're both okay. >> all told, 43 people were displaced from their homes and apartments here. red cross is offering assistance. in the mission district, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> crews are still on the scene of a fire that gutted the downtown heelsburg polls office last night. investigators aren't sure how is started but smoke was reported coming from the roof around 5:00 in the afternoon noon. postal inspectors will tally up the damage as nearly 1800 post office boxes were kept inside. allen wong has more. hundreds of onlookers watched as the heelsberg post office went up in flames just one block away from the town square. it started 5:30 and burned more than an hour stoked by a stiff
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wind. firefighters from as far as cloverdale and santa rosa came to fight the flames. much was damaged and des tried. >> about 1,766 p. o. boxes in the downtown office and all but about ten of them are rented. a pretty big blow. >> spokesperson said the heelsberg post office was not a sorti sorting center that contained mail to be delivered to local residents. it's only a p. o. and drop-off center but also a community meeting place for the town of about 10,000. as for the mail sent to the p. o. boxes? >> it was coming from san francisco, it would have been in the p. o. boxless in hillsberg. >> allen wong, abc 7 news. >> the postal service will set up a temporary facility on fox creek circle at grove street. claims for damaged or destroyed mail will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
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oakland police need your help tracking down a truck driver believed to have beaten another trucker to death. during an apparent case of road rage. take a look at this sketch that police released of the attacker. the incident happened three weeks ago outside the port of oakland. witnesses say the attacker was driving a white freight liner with brown stripes. in san francisco demolition of the old trans bay terminal is ahead of schedule this morning. work started yesterday on howard street and the ramps leading to it. an overpass that was part of the original bay bridge construction came down. howard street will remain closed until 5:00 tomorrow morning. today crews are tearing down the ramp over the temporary terminal site. they're also cleaning up howard street and putting the overhead muni wires back up in time for the monday morning commute. meanwhile the main southbound connector ramp between highway 101 and highway 11 closed to traffic until 11:00 this morning. it's part of a 13-hour closure
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that will allow parking lot off-ramp to be shifted north as part of the doyle drive reconstruction project. they will get back to highway 1 on gary boulevard. you might want to simply avoid that area if possible or expect delays this morning. tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary of the golden gate ferry system. certainly a lot has changed in all those years but there's one thing that hasn't. abc 7's transportation reporter heather explains. the ferry went into business august 15th, 1970. jim garrison was hired the week before, and he's still on deck today 40 years later. >> do you have any idea how many miles you've logged or tripped? >> oh, my goodness. 40 years, up and down, up and down, backwards and forwards. i don't know. >> his title is deckhand but he
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prefers bosen. at age 79, he has no plans to retire. >> i have made a lot of friends here. >> the nixons took a ride in 1972 but it's the loyal locals who help keep the ferries alive. the terminal was built in 1976 and elizabeth and neil first got on board that first year and started bringing their kids soon after. >> we would go to the city a lot, the cable cars. muni. we could get free muni passes and go from this area. not free anymore but that's okay. >> ferry service on the bay dates back to the 1850s. but after the golden gate bridge opened in 1937, ferry ridership dwindled. the service shut down in 1941. for 29 years the bridge was the only direct route until planners
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had to address increasing traffic congestion. >> there were a lot of different studies. add a second deck to the bridge, build a second bridge. >> the legislature researched. noah wheeler was born. he's i am pressed with the ferry and garrison's 40-year career. >> that's pretty cool. abc 7 news. >> now that the gulf oil leak is capped, repairing the economic damage becomes a priority. up next we'll tell you what president obama is doing this weekend to get vacationers back to gulf coast tourist spots. also... >> in this country, we treat everybody equally. >> the president responds to critics of his stananananananann
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take a look at this. flames shooting 30 feet into the air just a block east of the white house last night after an underground transformer exploded and caught fire. two nearby hotels, the w. and the willard, were evacuated by the secret service. no one was hurt and neither hotel suffered daniel. this morning the first family is in panama city, florida, president obama trying to encourage people to visit the gulf coast after the oil spill that damaged the region. the president has promised action for frustrated residents that haven't seen a penny from the b.p. compensation fund. >> i want to be clear about this. any delay by b.p. or those managing the new fund are unacceptable and i will keep pushing to get these claims
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expedited. >> as you know, the gulf coast is trying to recover from a major tourist slump because of concerns over oil and tar balls of that washed on to the beaches. the white house released this picture of the president swimming with his daughter sasha but he did not appear in front of the media like he did last year. well, there has been some strong reaction to the president's remarks about a proposed mosque in new york city. that building is a short distance from ground zero. for many that is simply too close. abc's lindsay davis has the latest developments. >> president obama may be backpedalling in support of his $100 million islamic community center from ground zero. >> i was not commenting and will not on the wisdom of making a decision to put a mosque there. i was commenting very specifically on the right that people have that go back to our founding. >> the president referring to
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the comment he made just friday night at the annual white house dinner observing the islamic holy month of ram dad. >> i believe that muslims have the right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country. (applause) >> that includes -- that includes the right to build a place of worship in a community center on private property in lower manhattan. >> shame on you! >> opponents disagree. they say it's insensitive to build a mosque in a shadow of the place where nearly 3,000 people parished on 9/11. >> what happened was like painting swastikas all over a jewish memorial. >> one hopes the islamic center stands for healing. >> i'm in favor of religious tolerance. i don't believe that the 19 people who flew those planes and the people that supported them represent islam. >> this once local issue now a
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national debate. lindsay davis, abc news, new york. >> meteorologist lisa argen here with the accu-weather forecast. >> it's been sort of the same ole same ole. unfortunately more clouds, mist and drizzle this morning but we have been talking about a little warm-up. is it on the way? i'll let you know coming up. >> uh-huh. also coming up the giants try to close the gap with the first-place padres and the games go into extra innings. we've got the highlights up next in sports. ♪ ♪ ye ♪ look, they fit! oh my gosh, are those the jeans from last year?
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welcome back, everyone. thanks for joining us at this early morning hour. it is 5:17. this is a live look from our roof cam showing you the bay bridge. looks like we've got a nice day on tap. lisa will be along in under a minute with a full accu-weather forecast. san francisco supervisors will consider a proposal to spend $5 million a year keeping the city's water source pure and clean. water from the resevoir in yosemite national park is so pure that federal and state agencies don't even require it to be filtered. under an agreement to keep it
5:18 am
that way, san francisco's public utilities commission just approved spending $30 million over five years on park programs around the resevoir. today's san francisco examiner reports those costs have been steadily rising since the contract was established in 2005. and the city spent less than $3 million a year. the board of supervisors must still approve the additional spending. well, the city of richmond has taken the plunge. yesterday the city hosted a grand reopening of the richmond plunge public pool. this 84-year-old building was at risk of being torn down until community members got together to raise $8 million for a retrofit. a lot of people were thanked yesterday. (applause) >> to the contractors, to the funders, to all the nonprofits, to the government agencies, to the neighborhood council, to the
5:19 am
commissioners, to all the residents who pulled together their energy, their desire, and their dedication to preserve this wonderful, wonderful project. >> it has a rich history in richmond. you're seeing some of these old photos. it opened in 1926 and back then it was the largest indoor swimming pool in the state. congratulations to that community for pulling together to make sure that plunge is still around. >> yeah. good idea for swimming inside. but outside, well, you know. you should know by now. >> yeah. >> the drill with the dominant westerly flow, the low clouds, the fog persistent. this morning we're waking up with drizzle at the coast. so emeryville looking pretty dark this morning. the sun coming up before 6:30. once again another area of low pressure not only traveling inland to our north helping to cool us off but also perhaps triggers a shower or thunderstorm in the sacramento area. so right now we are looking at
5:20 am
temperatures definitely on the uniform side with mid-50s throughout. 55 livermore, the clouds and the valley there. 56 antioch, 55 menlo park checking in at 58 in san jose. so our highlights then this morning, we will see the clouds and the drizzle. sunshine slated for the afternoon. so partly cloudy through the 11:00 hour. those clouds try to burn back to our coast and we'll see that warming, a little bit coming our way tomorrow. so here's a look at the cloud cover in livermore and concord, then pulling back at about 11:00 or 12:00 across the bay. staying cloudy at the coast. temperatures here once again in the low 60s. no real changes for your sunday today, although we may see the numbers begin to bump up as we head out towards the sacramento valley. it's warmer there this morning due to the cloud cover. but what about the 80s in our neck of the woods. we'll probably see some of those
5:21 am
tomorrow. here's the low today triggering shower or thunderstorm in the sacramento area. and then behind it, that's when we're gonna see a bit of a warm-up. a ridge of high pressure wants to nose into the west coast behind it temporarily for about 36 to 48 hours. then behind that, you got it, another area of low pressure keeping temperatures where they have been throughout much of the summer. so look at today. numbers even a little bit uniform or cooler than yesterday. i've got 69 in sunnyvale. 72 in san jose. with this area of low pressure pushing in, could mix out the low cloud cover. temperatures are going to stay the same but we could see a little bit brighter conditions before noontime here on the peninsula. so maybe an earlier burnoff for you but still numbers the mid-to upper 60s to san mateo to redwood city. 69 mountain view. look for those 50s once again at our coast. downtown 62, partly cloudy this afternoon, with sunset coming in
5:22 am
in the upper 50s. pretty cloudy there and here we have widespread 70s. 74 in san rafael. up in novato, santa rosa. low 70s san rafael by the water. 70 vallejo. near east bay numbers very cool at 54 in berkeley. 69 in union city out over the hills a couple 80s for you. a lot like yesterday with 80 concord, 78 danville and by the monterey bay mist and drizzle this morning and 76 in hollister. you'll notice the trend with temperatures in the 50s at our coast, 80s inland but we're gonna bump it up 4 or 5 degrees tomorrow and tuesday around the bay and inland staying cool at the coast, coming down a little bit by the end of next week. comments? >> it's been a most unusual summer. that's all i can say. >> uh-huh. >> when people walk up to you, do they curse you? >> we're not there yet.
5:23 am
>> not that bad. (laughter) >> thanks, lisa. do you believe it, football already. in sports this morning the niners are kicking off their preseason schedule in indianapolis against the colts. yesterday the giants played a huge game at at&t park against the division-leading san diego padres. >> good morning. before yesterday's game the giants had lost nine out of ten to the first place padres. their only victory comes in extra innings. they would need overtime to do it again. new edition jose did not start. he pitched in the 9th and grounded out. san diego made it 2-0 in the 50th. the giants got it in the 7th. pablo with the splash landing. his second in the last three games. the lead was cut in half. san francisco scratched out a run off that tough padre bullpen in the 8th the r.b.i. groundout
5:24 am
and the game is tied. it stayed that way with runners in first and second. a single in the right. the throw home but it's not in time to bet pocze. giants win 3-2 and once again just two and a half games back. >> i think every win, every game important here on out, especially the way they're throwin' the ball today. >> we can win but you can do nothing like that, you know. every day, game by game, that's why we win today. >> in minneapolis, the a's and twins took part in a pitchers game. the third, orlando with the sacrifice fly to left. and it's 1-0. that would be the only run given up by trevor cahill to tied the record of 20 straight starts of
5:25 am
five innings or more allowing six hits or less. went the distance for his career game. a three-hitter. he struck out for the twins. the a's, 2-0. unlike the first two rounds, fog did not delay the pga championship. because of previous delays, 78 players had to complete their second round yesterday. let's go to wisconsin where the weather was perfect for third round action. tiger struggled with his putter but not on his final hole. he nailed it for a birdie. third round he's now ten back of the lead. the shot of the day was turned in by tom layman on the 200, 17 ward par. his ball will roll in for a hole in one. layman is one over for the tournament. china had the round of the week. birdie on 18 gives him a course record 8 under 64. he tried for 4th.
5:26 am
he's 9 overall. dustin johnson made a move on five. bangs in this bird did you by johnson shoots a 67. he's ten under. the leader is nick wattny. the sacramento native round to a third round 66. he's 13 under for the tournament. wattny now leads by three over johnson and mcroy. tiger is in 31st place at minus 3. phil mickelson is one under. why did glen coffee give up a promising career with the 49ers? according to the sacramento b, coffee decided to retire after just one season because playing football is not what god wants him to do with his life. coffee says he's known that for a while but still went into the nfl draft because it was expected of him. for now he plans to go back to the university of alabama and get a degree in consumer
5:27 am
affairs. san jose gets on the board. stevenson with a beautiful ball to chris. they go up 1-nil. joe cannon turns back bun berry. gets his 74th career shutout. hayward played washington to a scoreless draw. they have already clinched a playoff berth and still lead the wts standings. later today the 49ers open their preseason at indianapolis. mike shumann will have all those highlights tonight at 5:00. that's sports for now. i'm rick qwan. have a great day. >> up next at 5:30... >> i'm in napa where the wine industry is worried about a bill in congress that could devastate businesses. a proposal could limit the way wineries ship to out of state customers. also 100,000 music fans descend on golden gate park this weekend. what's being done to control the
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welcome back, everyone. california ventnors are closely following a bill in congress that could threaten direct intrastate line sales and make it especially tough for smaller wineries. wine and beer wholesalers insist that is not what this bill would do. abc 7's nanette miranda takes a look at the proposed legislation and the opposition. >> while california wineries enjoy the summer crowds, many owners are worried about the comprehensive alcohol regulatory effectiveness act, a bill in congress which assures that states retain control of alcohol laws. california's smaller wineries and microbreweries think the proposal opens the door to prohibiting shipments of wine or beer to out of state consumers and forces them to use
5:31 am
wholesalers if they want their products sold beyond state borders. a wholesaler though might not want to represent a business that doesn't make him a lot of money. >> you have these small mom and pop producers, artisan wineries like ourselves making fine wines in small batches. and we would be cut out of that. >> being cut out could mean fewer choices and higher prices for consumers. and for california's small alcohol producers, they'd lose a big chunk of their business. shipping is key to many of california's smaller wineries. according to the marketing and research firm wines and vine expressway, california accounted for 75% of all wines shipped directly to consumers in the last year. the national beer wholesalers association denies its bill is anything more than state rights. in a statement it said the care act is not about direct shipping. it reiterates that the 21st amendment puts alcohol regulation in the hands of state
5:32 am
legislatures like sacramento and not in federal courthouses. california wineries are suspicious and have been since the highest court said it was okay to directly sell to consumers. 37 states do so. >> since they lost the supreme court ruling about six years ago, i'm sure they've been thinking of ways, okay, how can we get this power back? >> tourist we spoke with want the freedom to order california wines when they get home. >> i will definitely order. i have several vintners that we've been to that have had just spectacular wine. in fact, we've had to take pictures and take notes. >> we have to have it shipped directly to us. so very disappointing if congress passes this bill. >> both sides are wrapping up their political donations this election season. abc 7 news. >> meg whitman has crossed the $100 million mark. the billionaire and former e-bay ceo has written a $13 million check to her campaign for
5:33 am
governor bringing the total contribution from her personal fortune to $104 million. now, compare that to her democratic opponent attorney general jerry brown who has spent less than $800,000 so far. but keep in mind brown did not have to spend much money during the primary campaign because unlike whitman he did not face a serious challenger. by the way, brown has $23 million in the bank. he is holding on to it until it gets closer to election time. first it was plastic bags. now san francisco city leaders are considering banning plastic water bottles. the idea that kick the bottle is still in the early stages. but as abc 7's lillian kim reports, it appears to be gaining traction at city hall. >> whether it's a music concert at golden gate park or a street festival in north beach, changes could be coming. if environmental leaders in san francisco get their way, you will no longer be able to buy a
5:34 am
bottle of water at a public event on city property. instead you'll be encouraged to bring one of your own. >> every single one got one of these at the very beginning of the event. >> marian gordon adresses the policy commission on the commission of the environment. she explains how she was able to pull off a plastic-bottle-free event last year. instead of being handed bottled water, some 3,000 participants filled their reusable bottles at several water stations. gordon believes the same kind of thing can be done at even bigger events. >> tickets can say bring your own bottle on them. when you go online, there can be all kinds of information online about what to expect when you get to the event. >> among the ideas, dispensers with several spigots placed throughout large gathers. those who forget would be provided compostable cuts. it would be a drastic yet necessary change. >> so many of these plastic bottles end up in the waste stream no matter how many
5:35 am
recycling containers you might put out and how many times you ask people to please recycle them, they end up in the trash. >> but as much as people like the idea of helping the environment, many say banning the sale of bottled water at public events is too extreme. >> too unusual, too quickie. it's unnecessary. >> come here and buy a bottle than remember to bring your own bottle. >> despite some skepticism from the public, members on the commission of the environment are moving forward. they plan to come up with a proposed ordinance that could ultimately be put before the board of supervisors. lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> if it passes, that ban would impact this next story in the future. in golden gate park, thousands of people gathering for the outside lands music festival. it continues today. because of limited parking around golden gate park, public transportation has been a must this weekend. here's abc 7. >> these happy people are just a
5:36 am
fraction of about 100,000 concertgoers that come from all over the country. fortunately many bay area residents decided to drive here. outside the park in the sunset richmond district, traffic slowed to a call, especially fulton and lincoln way. many are ticket holders trying to find parking in an area with full available spaces. >> we've had people asking us if they can park up and down our driveway all day long. unfortunately you'll get towed if you park your car in somebody's driveway. it's been a problem. >> this is the third year for the concert. the crowds have been manageable. >> not as noisy. not as many people driving up and down the street. >> james connor says the increase in traffic isn't a problem. in fact, it's helped his garage sale. >> everything's been pretty calm. traffic's been pretty good. no problems here. >> many of the attendees apparently got the message that parking was going to be tough.
5:37 am
one taxi after another dropped off people on the way to the park and muni buses were filled to overflowing. muni said regular riders were warned the concert would affect their travel. >> there's going to be more people on the buss. more buses. >> muni rescheduled drivers to coincide with the crowds, especially after the concert let out. >> we know we have to have extra service after the concert and that's what we're gonna do. >> that's good news. she says last year muni service after the concert was much too slow. >> after the concert everybody was stuck waiting for public transportation. >> what happened? >> what happens is you have all the concertgoers hanging out inside your hallway drinking beer. and it's a nuisance actually. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> well, that concert continues today, and you saw all those people bundled up. >> as i said, you saw that sky, gray sky. get used to it.
5:38 am
temperatures low 60s by the afternoon. partial clearing in the city. no real changes there. maybe a burnoff around the bay earlier and a warm-up? yep, that too. i'll explain coming up. >> ahead the fda says do not jump the gun on sunscreen research. the government is refuting the government is refuting recent warnings about an the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800.
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>> a newly published analysis reports that sunscreens may be harmful. some contain a form of vitamin a which has come under fire from an environmental group. but health and science reporter carolyn johnson says that criticism may be premature. >> the sunscreen controversy started with this report by the environmental working group entitled sunscreen additives may speed skin damage. the ingredient is a form of vitamin a. and the data comes from the
5:41 am
fda's own website. >> a most recent study, a one-year study, shows that rubbing the skin with vitamin a and then exposing it to the sunlight accelerating the development of skin cancer tumors. >> but the fda says this animal research is still in the early stages yet to be reviewed and published and should not be extrapolated to humans. >> if we felt there was a danger to the public, we would alert them to that fact. janet mcbride says there's no evidence sunscreens are harmful. >> the study was done just on a single ingredient, not in a sunscreen product. >> the skin cancer foundation issued a statement labeling the environmental working group's report junk science saying it will raise unnecessary fears. and this weekend independent analysis published in the academy of dermatology found no
5:42 am
evidence that it's photo cancerigenic or cancerous in human beings. >> ucsf dermatologist telling his patients sunscreen plays a key role in protecting the skin from the dangerous rays of the sun. >> there's multiple studies that show sunscreen when used in conjunction with other behavioral changes can reduce the incidence of skin cancer. >> carolyn johnson, abc 7 news. >> well, you can read the environmental working group report and the analysis that refutes it both at under "see it on tv." right here right now lisa argen with all you want to know about the weather. >> yeah. that sun, well, not much of it. you have to go inland to find it. in fact, the warming, well, we have to delay that another day. it is slated to come in tomorrow. temperatures coming up around 4 or 5 degrees right into tuesday, especially around the bay.
5:43 am
our inland valleys, that's the good news. and right now we're back to the persistent cloud cover, the mist, the drizzle. this is our roof camera. and the sun coming up about 6:30 this morning or 6:25. you'll notice that we're gonna stay cloudy right through the next couple of hours till about 10:00, 11:00. 54 fremont. good morning, san francisco. 54 for you and 55 menlo park. sunnyvale, one of the warmer locations at 59. our highlights this morning, persistent cloud cover with the drizzle. we look for that sunshine in the afternoon. and the clouds hanging right along the shoreline keeping it cloudy and cool. a little breezy. and then by tomorrow we will see a weak ridge of high pressure build in temporarily. that's going to bring us a little warming, especially around the bay. coast really no changes. so we'll keep the low cloud deck right from san francisco all the way down through santa cruz. even up towards point reys. ocean beach numbers in the 50s
5:44 am
here. plenty of 60s around and those 70s becoming more widespread. we have an area of low pressure that is pushing on into the state today providing more cloud cover for much of the northern sacramento valley. maybe a stray thunderstorm. with that we will be looking at temperatures once again held down at our coast. 63 monterey. but take a look inland. it's warm. 90 in the southern sierra. 83 in northern lake tahoe. here's the area of low pressure as it heads on in today. this will keep the low clouds and fog, those onshore breezes. but behind it we've got that weak high and that's just gonna bring us a little warming for the next couple of days. today then not a lot in the way of change. 69 in sunnyvale. look for 70 this afternoon in milpitas. 71 cupertino. peninsula numbers definitely on the cool side. the sun not until about noontime for you in millbrae. 66 there. 69 palo alto. mid and upper 50s from pacifica.
5:45 am
san francisco 62 today. count on the cloud cover, late afternoon sun for you. 66 around south city and in the north bay a wide range. but only a few 80s. 83 clear lake, 85 ukiah with average numbers in the low to mid-70s from novato and vallejo. near east bay you're all in the 60s. low 60s from richmond to berkeley and upper 60s to near 70 in fremont today. out over the hills a lot of the same. some mid-70s for your cooler areas around dublin and walnut creek. as you head towards the delta, low 80s antioch and brentwood. the drizzle hanging on until 10:00, 11:00 through monterey. today another cool one. the numbers come up slightly around the bay, that's about 5 degrees tomorrow and tuesday and then that next trough pulling us back for wednesday, thursday and friday. so sometimes the meteorologists have discussions at the weather service and the guy started out saying summer bummer continues. >> yeah!
5:46 am
>> i thought that was kind of appropriate. >> and also the winds. it has been so windy. >> yeah. because that fog just doesn't want to pull back far enough. that's what we get. >> summer bummer. thanks, lisa. in san francisco there is a battle over bocci ball. there's a proposal to build bocci courts open to the public at no cost to the city. some people, including the mayor, think it's a good deal but the plan is already getting knocked around. some say it's the oldest game known to mankind. these days bocci ball seems to be growing in popularity. on this patch of green across from san francisco's ferry building where homeless people hang out, two bocci ball courts might be built. local businessmen, including one with deep political ties to the mayor, are offering what's described as a $200,000 gift to the city to pay for the courts. >> hopefully this will bring
5:47 am
people from their offices or farmers market or neighborhoods out to have fun and play a game. >> the proposed courts are in supervisor david chew's district. >> right now during the worst economic recession since the great depression, it's really helpful to have gifts to the city and i thought this was appropriate. >> but some are looking that gift horse in the mouth. jamie whitaker says his south of market community group was never consulted. and might prefer a playground instead. >> green space is very valuable to us. and it should not just be decided upon by the highest bidder what that parking space becomes. >> this neighborhood organization was asked its opinion. they liked the idea of a playground but feel it would be short sighted not to go along with what's actually on the table. >> there's nothing really bad i can say about a bocci ball court. it seems pretty all american to me or all italian, whatever it is. >> but another activist came to city hall adamantly opposed.
5:48 am
>> and the whole matter is to get rid of the homeless. that's not gonna cut it. >> well, those bocci ball courts could be built fairly quickly. young people in a job training program run by a local laborers union would do the work but a vote on the project has been delayed because it's turning into a controversy and so many people have so much to say. well, don't go away. "7 on your side" is next. >> tires that save you gas? is it too good to be true? i'm michael
5:49 am
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5:51 am
michael finney to put those claims to the test. >> there once was a peaceful town held captive by an evil gas pump. >> the energy safer low rolling resistant tires is a cartoon fairy tale. >> along came a man who reminded them the right tire changes everything. >> but in real life, can a tire really change everything? >> rolling resistance is the force of higher need to keep it moving down the road. low resistance tires can in theory save you gas but there are other factors to consider when purchasing tires. >> consumer report tested two all season tires with low rolling resistance, the michelin ac and the cooper gfe. >> both are more fuel-efficient but the michelin was the best. it could save you about $100 per year. >> in the past tires of low
5:52 am
rolling resistance haven't performed well in some of "consumer reports" routine tests. this one measures how long it takes a car to stop on dry pavement. and this test measures stopping just on wet pavement. >> the michelin did exceptionally well rating good in dry as well as wet. you no longer have to compromise braking performance to get fuel economy. >> be aware, as with any tire they have to be properly inflated in order to get maximum fuel-efficiency. if you're considering buying a low rolling resistance tire, first find a top performing tire that's good for your personal driving style and road conditions. then use the tire's rolling resistance as the tie breaker. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> up next three more birds join the annual march of the penguins at the san francisco do. a species that's quickly
5:53 am
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nature valley. 100% natural, 100% delicious. >> the top prize now resets to $7 million for wednesday's game. a most unusual animal roundup took place last night in the sacramento suburb of carmichael. you have to see this home video clip. >> oh, my freakin' god! oh, my god! >> well, yeah. that's a zebra running down the street. two zebras got loose from an animal training facility. they were spooked by dogs and
5:56 am
bolted out into busy streets around 7:00 last night. one zebra unfortunately was immediately hit by a car, just slightly injured. sheriff deputies and animal control officers and zoo experts spent about four hours getting them corralled and loaded into animal trailers. this south american penguin colony at the san francisco zoo is the largest in captivity. and it just got larger. last week three new additions were added. abc 7 lee glasser was there for their formal introduction. >> a waddle, waddle and a little stretch. three chicks made the traditional penguin march to their new home on the island. >> just so amazing to see just baby chicks just walking on their own. >> normally we want them to sort of stay at a steady clip through the whole march. but they did very well and actually took their time and got a lot of exposure. (laughter) >> and a little confusion.
5:57 am
but in general coaxing these 12-week old penguins that finally dove into their new digs joining 44 others just like them. for the next 24 hours these new little penguin chicks will actually stay in the water swimming around. they're hoping they will actually make their way on land and join the rest of the colony. >> worldwide populations are in serious decline. last week five new penguins were added to the endangered species list. >> they're the most popular penguins, 3 million in the wild right now but listed as near threatened because of the overfishing and effective climate change. >> for the next year these youngsters will explore their new surroundings and try to fit in with all the others just like them. at the san francisco zoo, lee glasser, abc 7 news. >> up next at 6:00, a north bay post office and nearly
5:58 am
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